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Happy Valentine's Day Ficlets from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us to you!

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We are happy to each share a Valentine's Day ficlet to help bring romance to your day. Love and hugs to you all!

by BA Tortuga

“Dude, do y’all do Valentine’s Day?” Jayden hadn’t ever, not with Dakota, and he didn’t know whether it was cool or stupid.

Adam looked at him. “You have met my Sage, right?”

“Couple three times, yeah.” That didn’t help. He didn’t want Dakota to mock him or be disappointed. Christ, maybe he should make reservations…

“Have you asked him?”


Adam’s eyes rolled like dice. “Have. You. Asked. Dakota. You know, do you want to do Valentine’s?”

“Well, no. That’s not very romantic.”

“God, you’re adorable.”

“Shut up.” He wasn’t. He just cared. A lot. About making sure Dakota was never disappointed again. “I’ll call Eric.”

“Because Tremaine is a bastion of romance. Last year he got someone to do custom designs all over Troy’s legs. They were all spelled right and everything.”

“Not helping. Seriously, man. You. Sage. What are you doing?”

To his utter shock, Adam’s cheeks went bright red.

Oh. Oh, this had to be good. He leaned forward. “What? Come on, man. Share. Please?”

“Well, it’s why I stopped by. I wanted your opinion and a favor.”

“Anything, man.” Adam knew that.

Adam pulled out a ring box and opened it, exposing a pair of simple gold bands. “Tremaine’s going to do the service. I need y’all for witnesses. I’m just going to do it. On the 14th. I’m going to ask him and marry the stubborn son of a bitch. Show him I ain’t ashamed of shit.”

Well, damn. He was totally going to have to do better than a dozen roses now.

Adam and the gang are from the Release Series. Please give them a look.

Breakfast in Bed
By Julia Talbot

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Dadkey!”

Kenneth Marcon tried to see which of his kids was bouncing on the bed, but he was a little… buried. Jack was frickin large, and he was stacked like a Jenga stick on top of Kenneth and their other lover, Miles.

“Uh. Thanks, kiddo.” He pushed and tugged. Man, Jack could sleep through anything but an emergency. “Jack, help.”

Jack popped up like he was on a spring in a box.

Heh. Jack in the Box.


“We brought you breakfast!” That was Ginny, her laughter like a silver bell.

“Did you?” Miles slipped out from under his arm, blinking owlishly until he put on his wee wire rimmed glasses. “What did you make?”

The twins swarmed up on the bed, all sticky fingers and giggles, and Kenneth’s nose quivered. Burned bacon and something with syrup. “Did Monie help you? Is Miss Gretchen off today?”

“Uh-huh. Nadine helped, too.”

Holy shit. The household head of security. Cooking.

Jack chuckled warmly. “Is the kitchen still there?”

“Don’t be silly, Uncle Jack,” Thomas said from the doorway. “We did good. We baked the bacon, and Nadie and Monie flipped the french toast.”

“Good kids.” Kenneth yawned. “Are you eating with us?”

“No!” The twins shouted it, making Miles clap his hands over his ears dramatically.

“No?” Jack asked mildly.

“We ated.” Ginny plopped down a tray. “Monie says you’re lazy today and we need to give you time to recover.”

“Well, then, we’ll see you later.” Kenneth mock growled, and even Thomas giggled.

The kids all ran from the room, Tommy shutting the door gently after waving at them.

“Breakfast,” Miles said, sounding utterly amused.

Kenneth squinted at him and got a kiss for his trouble.

“Hey, let me get some of that.” Jack leaned in, the kiss going three way in the best way.

“Don’t spill the syrup,” Miles murmured when they parted. So orderly.

“I got it.” Jack held the tray with one big hand, steadying it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Kenneth said, his heart as full as could be.

“Ditto,” Jack said, and Miles laughed softly.

They were together. Happy. That made up for a lot.

Even burned bacon.


Jack, Kenneth and Miles are from Wolfmanny, from Dreamspinner Press.

You can find it here at Dreamspinner and here at Amazon!

Hope you’ll check them out! XXOO Julia

A Valentine’s Day Micro Short Fairy Tale Because I Couldn’t Think of Anything Else
by Kiernan Kelly

Once upon a time, as these stories are required by law to begin, there lived a boy named Peter in a place called Never-Never Land. Everyone thinks that Never-Never Land is reached by flying to “the second star on the right and straight on till morning,” but actually, Never-Never Land is misnamed, since Every-Every Thing happens there, and nothing is straight about it at all, including the road to get there -- which is as hard to follow as a ballot amendment -- and all of its inhabitants.

But the fact Peter lived there is true enough.

Peter had never grown up, remaining slender and beardless, looking like a twenty year old eternal twink even though he was 142, give or take a month. Mostly the reason for this was because he refused to give up his video games and get a job, but it was also because of the Captain, who we’ll get to in a minute.

You see, Peter lived with the Lost Boys, all of whom had once taken a gamble on Hollywood but lost miserably -- except for Keifer Sutherland who’d “made it” but had been forced to grow up and star in a variety of productions and make oodles of money. The rest of the boys remained in Never-Never Land and hung out with Peter doing Every-Everything as often as possible and with great gusto.

As much as he loved his Lost Boys, though, Peter loved Tinkerbell more. Tinkerbell was the name of his buttplug, a sparkly piece of lime-green plastic he’d filched from Wendy’s nightstand drawer during one of his trips to the Darling house.

He kept Tinkerbell shoved tightly up his bum at all times because he liked the tingles that would run through his balls and down his legs every time he sat down hard, but mostly because Captain Hook told him to keep it there.

Captain Hook was Peter’s second most favorite thing about Neverland, coming in right after Tinkerbell on his list of best things ever.

Hook was a huge man, with a burly, furry chest, and arms as big around as Peter’s waist. His nose was hawkish and his chin was bearded, but best of all, in Peter’s opinion, was the fact he had a hook instead of a right hand.

Peter truly loved Captain Hook’s hook.

Mostly because it was far more penis-shaped than hook-shaped. In fact, the whole “hook” thing was a fallacy created by necessity when J.M. Barrie’s publisher balked at including phallic-shaped prosthetic limbs in a children’s book.

But I digress.

Whenever Peter misbehaved on the Captain’s ship – which was as often as possible and always on purpose – the Captain would bend Peter over and push that phallic hook deep inside Peter’s asshole, attaching the other end to a leather belt that cinched Peter’s twinkie waist.

Peter couldn’t move at all without that hook poking into his interior, even when the Captain would paddle Peter’s asscheeks with his good hand until they glowed red.

Best of all was when the Captain would order Peter to suck off Smee, the Captain’s First Mate who had a severe lisp and a cock that could choke a whale, while the Lost Boys watched and jerked off.

With Smee’s cock in his throat and the Captain’s hook up his ass, Peter would fly…and come in buckets. Literally. The Captain had a bucket just for that purpose. It was purple, and had Peter’s name engraved on it in gold lettering.

And that’s really why Peter refused to grow up -- because nothing beats Neverland orgies and phallic prosthetics.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You can find Kiernan's self-published books on Evil Plot Bunny.

Valentine's Day for the Mannies
by Sean Michael

Park waved the two cars off and stepped back as Rand closed the door. Then he stepped back up in his lover's space. "Do you hear that?"

Rand looped his fingers around he back of his neck and stepped into his space. "Hear what?"


Rand chuckled. "It's been a while since we've had a language barrier between us. You want to explain using words that make sense?"

"It's quiet because the house is empty except for you and me."

Understanding dawned in Rand's eyes. "Ah, now I get it. Just you and me."

"Yep. For as long as it takes for dinner and a movie for two dads and two carloads of kids." Bless their hearts as Rand would say, the dad's were insane. But it did mean he and Rand had the place to themselves, which meant they could do whatever they wanted.

"Whatever shall we do?" Rand asked, stepping closer.

Park totally knew. "We're going to celebrate Valentine's Day."

Rand laughed. "So are we celebrating seven months late or five months early?"

"Take your pick. You promised me super amazing yoga sexy times and I would like to collect."

"Super amazing yoga sexy times?" Rand began to chuckle and Park managed to pout.

"Laughing at me."

"I am, but if you want tantric sex, we can give it a try. You do realize it's based in yoga, right?"

He pouted harder. "I like sex better than I like yoga. Besides, we can yoga when the family is around."

Rand laughed, eyes shining. "Not tantric sex yoga we can't."

"You've got a point." He took the elastic out of the bottom of Rand's braid and slid his fingers through it until it was all loose, hanging down to Rand's ass. "Come on. Tantric or not, I want to make love to you until the family is back."

"Works for me."

He took Rand's hand and they walked up to their room together.

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe."

Rand laughed and put his head on Park's shoulder. "Happy Valentine's Day."

Rand and Park, and their merged families can be found in Making it Work at Evil Plot Bunny or Amazon

BA’s is http://www.batortuga.com
Julia’s is http://www.juliatalbot.com
Kiernan's is www.KiernanKelly.com
Sean’s website is http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com

BA -- https://www.facebook.com/batortuga
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Kiernan -- https://www.facebook.com/kiernan.kelly
Sean -- https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites

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